Why Yodaa?

Finding help should be easy.

Today, that often means asking around for good word of mouth recommendations from friends and relatives. We recognize this, and in fact also endorse the practice. Unlike contrary thought, word of mouth has proven one of the most substantive and trustworthy resources when looking for something you’ve little knowledge of or experience in; and having a vouched-for recommendation can really set one’s mind at ease. With the case of tuition, this is certainly the case.

Thing is, traditional word of mouth has not gotten much of an upgrade for years. Even with the enviable technology available to us year on year, many still depend on manual methods of engaging their pool of contacts for recommendations. While it’s understandable, the practice bears significant costs: the cost of time; the cost of not knowing someone suitable, the cost of not knowing someone available; even the cost of hiring the wrong person for your child.

And yet today, there isn’t a worthwhile alternative to this practice. The Internet is filled with tuition sites and brokers stating they are the right go to person, but are quite often just out to make a mere match. Browsing online forums and Facebook pages also leaves no guarantee and yet demands a huge time commitment just to be able to sound out another mom with the “I know someone”. The process is messy, cumbersome, and tiring.

That's why we came in.

We didn’t really change anything, but just took what you already do today, getting quality word of mouth recommendations, and made it simple.

First, we recognize that quality has to remain one of our foundation stones. So from the get go, we made it a point to only invite teachers with teaching experience vouched for by previous students. These will show up under their references. We also curate them at random to understand their passion and social aptitudes. Those who are selected are allowed to quote and make introductions to parents. By holding a hard line on quality, we’re giving you a peace of mind that every recommendation you get on yodaa remains a quality one.

Second, we spoke with some of you and refined the process over and over again to make sure that the process of finding a teacher; from the very moment you see the landing page all the way till you get real profiles in 24 hours, remains simple, non-intrusive, and most of all, useful. Then we let you run with it.

The result? An elegant, curated platform that retains a high mark on quality, simplicity and speed.

We truly believe we’re less than 1% done with this discovery process. And as we move ahead, we’re humbly inviting you on a journey with us to craft a teaching marketplace that bears quality, stays simple, and remains genuinely customer-centric.

With love,
Yodaa team

Geraldine Lee
Geraldine lives out of bubbles and dreams. She writes primarily about parenting and learning. Her work has been featured on TheAsianParent, Singapore's Child, and now even Yodaa.