Where to find resources for A-levels?


A-levels – possibly one of the most stressful things that you’ll ever go through, an ‘obstacle’ that you hope that you can overcome with grit and good results. Of course, life isn’t all about academic grades. But, you really want to do well in this since you have already signed up for it.

Thankfully, there’s quite a bit of help available online by contributors who have kindly shared the notes that they have personally made. Here’s some that we have found to help for you to tide through this stressful period. Hopefully they are able to serve as some form of aid for you and relieve some of your burden while revising for the A-levels:


  1. H1 GP, H2 Economics, H2 History
    Sharing is Caring
    Economics Cafe
    Owl Cove
    A Level H2 Chemistry

  2. H2 Economics

  3. H1 GP
    H1 GP Words
    Kiasu Exam Paper
    O A Levels

Apart from the revision notes, one crucial resource that you should tap on a lot is the syllabus documents. Do use them extensively so as to ensure that you will cover as much ground as possible to prepare for your A-levels.

2017 syllabus

2018 syllabus

There are also revision papers from other schools available online, but the more recent papers often come at a small cost. At the JC level, many teachers in school will already collate and disseminate the papers from other schools, so try to tap on the resources that your school teachers have already provided for you first before rushing to purchase these papers sold online. Most teachers at the JC level will be more than willing to provide you with more revision resources to be better prepared for the A-levels.

These are just some of the recommended resources found online to prepare for the A-levels. If you know of any other good and legitimate A-level revision resources, do share it with us at the comments section. With this, we wish you all the best for your A-level revision and examinations! 😊

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