Where do I find revision resources for O-levels?


With the O-levels are approaching very quickly, you may be feeling panicky and looking for resources that are helpful to guide you through this crucial revision period.

Amidst the sea of search results after you type “O-level revision notes” into your Google Search bar, the question of “Which are the actually the good and legitimate platforms?” may surface in your mind. You click into every search result that appears to look legitimate, pray and hope for the best.

With this post, bade goodbye to those time spent on researching. This post provides you with a list of solid revision resources for you to tap on for your O-level revision:


  1. GCE Study Buddy
    This website is a gem when it comes to revising for your O-levels. They provide revision notes and practice questions for English, Elementary Mathematics (E-Math), Additional Mathematics (A-Math), the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Geography, Social Studies, History and more. The notes are divided into their topics and sub-topics which makes it easy to use and refer to.

  2. Zookal
    Students who have sat for the papers before share their notes on this platform. Although not as extensive as the earlier platform, this website has some contributions uploaded that are worth the reference for your revision.

  3. O/A Levels
    This is also a good website for O-level notes as well. They provide notes for various subjects tested at the O-levels for subjects like English, Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry and other O-level subjects like Accounting, Business Studies, Computer Studies, Economics etc.

  4. Sharing is Caring
    This website has very concise notes for the O-level Social Studies. The owner of the website took the O-levels back in 2010 and shares his/her own notes on the platform. He/she also uploaded essay plans on essay questions set by the local schools.

  5. Mini Physics
    This website focuses on the O-level Physics. The notes are divided into their topics and sub-topics, accompanied with multiple-choice questions (MCQ) to practice. It also provides additional resources like an entry on all the Physics formulas and the definitions required for the subject. If you’re taking Physics at the O-level, be sure to utilize this website for your revision.

The earlier resources are platforms that provide O-level revision notes. After using the above platforms for the theoretical and conceptual revision, attempting practices will be the best way to assess your preparedness for the actual O-levels. Here are some online platforms that provide free access to practice papers for your revision:


  1. Free Exam Papers
    This page provides free access to O-level examination papers for you to download and practice. Although it may not provide as much as the Ten Year Series (TYs) would, but it is still worth a visit to get.

  2. Exam Paper
    This platform compiles past year school exam papers for E-Math, A-Math, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. If you would like to attempt more practices that dates back to some years back, this will be the ideal website for you to utilize for your additional revision.

  3. SG Test Paper

  4. SG Exam Guru
    The list is not exhaustive, but here are 10 for you to tap on for your revision especially if you’re pressed for time. However, when it comes to using the resources above (especially for those that provide revision notes) do use them with discretion. They are ultimately resources created by various contributors and may still be subjected to minimal errors here and there. It will be an extra plus for yourself if you can spot those mistakes, because that would really reflect your solid foundation and understanding in the topic(s).

We hope that this post will help you have an easier and more productive time of revision! Remember, don’t wait till the very last minute to tap on these revision resources or start on your revision. It’s always more advisable to space out your revision for more productivity and results. The tools are here for you, but the battle’s still on you to fight! All the best for your revision and break a leg for your O-levels! (not literally 😉)

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