The 3 minutes it takes to read this will improve your essay writing forever.


You spent years reading papers and doing essays to improve your writing. It’s tedious. The following are 9 easiest and simplest tips for you to up the quality of that essay.

1. Don’t use the same word:

  • In the same sentence
  • Consecutive sentences
  • In the same paragraph
  • Consecutive paragraphs
  • Use point 8. instead

2. Use short sentences.
Even a word will do.
Example “The dress was bright red with dotted lines running down its diagonal and it was horrible”
becomes “The dress was bright red with dotted lines running down its diagonal. Horrible”.

3. Delete the word “that”
Example “many people thought that running for presidency was going to make him popular”
becomes “many thought running for presidency would make him popular”.

4. Delete the word “the”
Reserved this word only for specifics. Remove everything else.
Example “reflection of the light off non-luminous objects allows us to see them”
becomes “reflection of light off luminous objects allows us to see them” .

5. Don’t use “I think”
This makes your sentence sound weaker.
Example “I think we should go over.”
becomes “we should go over.”

6. Don’t use “I” to refer to yourself. Don’t even mention it often
Example “I am of the opinion that penguins should be left in the South”
becomes “Penguins should be left in the South”.

7. Use the period “.” It packs a punch.
Example “People held for years that climate change was a sham but this was not true.”
becomes “People held for years climate change was a sham. This was not true.”

8. Use synonyms
Different words tune the reader into believing you’re well verse with the language.
Example “Changes in policy affects people. Such revisions disrupt*...”

9. Use the power of 3 to make a point solid strong.
It’s proven. Using three similar phrases drive a point home better. Not two; not four, just three.
Example “He was strong”
becomes “He was strong; he feet rose like iron, loins buckled like bronze pillars, arms sturdy like timbered blocks.”.

10. Remove absolute sentences
Such phrases make your point sound much less credible. Blunt your phrases instead.
Example: "These days, gamers create their own characters with attributes they desire in real life"
becomes "These days, gamers frequently create their own character with attributes they desire in real life".

11. Remove cue words
Don't explicit say you're about to move on to the next point. Just do so. To include them subtly tells the reader that your following paragraph or point may not be obvious enough, and therefore a blatant connector is neccessary.

Some cue words include firstly, secondly, thirdly, to conclude, in conclusion, for example, for instance.

12. Use a hanging sentence
Last line which appears at the end. It’s that one final sentence you have in your arsenal to leave an imprint on the reader. Use it wisely.

Geraldine Lee
Geraldine lives out of bubbles and dreams. When she’s not writing, she reads about kids and parenting matters. Her works have been featured on Singapore’s Child, theAsianParent and now, even yodaa.