Should you take A-Math?


As you move on to Secondary 3, you may be treading between the decision to take or not to take on Additional Mathematics (A-Math). To take or not to take – that’s the question. This post will help you to have a clearer and more holistic view to help guide you through the question if you should you up take A-Math for the O-levels.

Taking Additional Mathematics often means taking on an extra subject at the O-levels. That’d mean more content to cover during your preparation for the O-levels. The time spent on each subject will be lesser for sure.

Thus, use your Secondary 2 Mathematics results as a gauge to decide if you should take A-Math. Although the topics covered in A-Math deviates from lower secondary Mathematics, A-Math will all in all be an additional subject to take on. Elementary Mathematics is a basic requirement at the O-levels, so if you are not strong in your E-Math, do consider to place more focus on it rather than taking on A-Math.

Also, only take on the A-Math if you identify your interest in the A-Math topics taught. The topics taught are as follow:

  • Algebra: Equations and inequalities, Indices and surds, Polynomials and Partial Fractions, Binomial expansions, Power, Exponential, Logarithmic and Modulus functions

  • Geometry and Trigonometry: Trigonometric functions, identities and equations, Coordinate geometry in two dimensions, Proofs in plane geometry

  • Calculus: Differentiation, Integration

For more information, do refer to the official syllabus.

For some schools, they do allow the students to take on the A-Math at Secondary 3 to try out their suitability for it. The school will then look at their Mid of Year examinations or End of Year examinations results to advise them if they should acontinue taking A-Math at the O-levels. If such opportunity presents itself, do take it up. You never know if you’re gifted in doing the A-Math so grasp this opportunity if it presents itself!

Taking the A-Math will give you one more subject to choose from to include in your L1R4/L1R5 if you take sufficient subjects. This will allow you to optimize the subjects to attain the lowest mark possible for your application to further education paths.

However, if you recognize that you are not as strong in Mathematics early, it is alright to not take it as well. You are not losing out on anything by not taking A-Math. Instead, focus on the other subjects that you are already taking and try to score in them to do well at the O-levels

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