4 factors you should consider when choosing a CCA in secondary school


With CCAs being compulsory and the myriad options of co-curricular activities (CCAs) in secondary schools, you may be feeling lost as to which CCA to pick and participate in.

Should you continue the CCA you took up in your primary school or try something completely new? If either, how will the CCA you pick up/continue with help you in secondary school?

CCA can come to be a vital component of your secondary school life that not only helps you in learning new skills, but also building up your portfolio.
To help guide you through choosing a CCA in secondary school, here are 4 factors to take into consideration:

1. Suitability
Every secondary school student can join a CCA from sports, uniformed groups, clubs and societies, visual and performing arts group.
Students have to filter and discern which CCA is best suited for yourself. Are you looking for a CCA that will build up your fitness? Or, are you looking for a CCA that will shape your discipline, management skills, or do you want to learn a new skill?

Depending on the end goal you have in mind with the CCA you decide to take up, you have to see the suitability of the CCAs offered with your interests and intended end goal in mind.

To help guide you through, some questions you can consider about is:
What skills do I want to get at the end of the 4/5 years of CCA in secondary school?
Is the environment provided by the CCA I pick suited for my personal learning style?
To find out more on the CCAs offered by the different secondary schools, the Singapore Information System (SIS) portal provides the list of CCAs offered.

2. Opportunities and learning opportunities
After identifying your suitability, consider the opportunities that the CCA may give you. Different CCAs will provide varied opportunities for you to take part in.
For example, taking part in a sports CCA will potentially allow you to take part in the annual Inter-School B and C Divisions and other competitions. As for performing groups, there are also the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) for them to take part in. Not forgetting uniformed groups and clubs and societies, the list of opportunities available for them to take part in the various CCAs is non-exhaustive.

Thus, you need to have an idea as to what kind(s) of opportunities you want to take part in to maximize your own growth and learning experience in your CCA. The opportunities granted to you in your CCAs may help in your future studies and work.

3. Time
Another important area of consideration will be the time factor. Some CCAs in secondary schools can take up a lot of time, especially if the school has been doing well or achieved a niche in those areas.

Therefore, you need to consider the amount of time the CCA that you are planning to take up will affect your time for other things like your academics.
If you are one who can handle the daily school work well, this may not be so much of a worry for you. However, if you are otherwise, try to select a CCA that will not compromise too much of your time for your studies.

4. How will it help your further education?
It may be a little hard to envision, but try to consider how joining this CCA will help in your post-secondary education. CCA points? Direct School Admission? CCA admission in your post-secondary education?

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